Our Enviro Policy: Don’t Hug a Tree – Plant One


New Harvest Media is a business that began in the country, surrounded by nature. Our logo incorporates wheat, and I grew up on the farm with a pragmatic respect for the environment and love for trees. For example, I always knew that trees:

  • can be used to build great things
  • can be burned to keep us warm
  • shelter both domestic and wild animals
  • aren’t really THAT fun to hug, but are fun to climb
  • need not be wasted – because they are valuable.

Even though our business is now located in the big city of Dawson Creek, we haven’t forgotten our roots.

We recently invited our regional environmental and waste reduction office, the Northern Environmental Action Team, to conduct an environmental assessment on our operations. A web design company that communicates digitally and largely produces electronic “goods” is naturally going to have a small environmental footprint, but we were pleased to receive a score of 89% on the NEAT Environmental Assessment evaluation, which gives us the top ranking “Level 4 – NEAT Recognized Leader.”

 Many of the best environmental decisions we’ve made are also great business decisions:

  • Purchasing energy-efficient and great quality refurbished office equipment, when it makes sense
  • Recycling everything possible, such that we produce about 1 small bag of waste per month
  • Print on both sides of the paper, and using scrap paper for notes.
  • Store and backup files electronically, and minimize printing (we have just one two-drawer filing cabinet for printed files.)
  • Plant real trees in the Peace River Country for every web site we build, through the Carbon Farmer’s Create Your Forest program. We began this initiative in 2012, planting more than 100 trees, and we expect that number to grow each year.

Some additional actions that we are going to take:

  • Composting what we can, including coffee grounds and filters, which should cut our production of landfill waste by half or more.
  • Be extra careful to purchase recycled and compostable office supplies, including paper, bags, etc.
  • Investigate using wind-powered web hosting services.

So, why do we score well environmentally? Not because we hug trees on our lunch breaks, but because of good, simple, pragmatic decisions that offer benefits to our business and our clients.

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About Chad Anderson

Chad is the owner of New Harvest Media Inc. and has been serving clients since 2000.