May 17 Workshop: 5 Steps to Climb Google Results

We’re presenting at the Dawson Creek Chamber Luncheon on May 17, 2016! Why would you want to attend?

The phone book is dead. If your next customer doesn’t know your company’s name, how will they find you?

Go Google yourself right now – try doing a search for your company’s most profitable product or service. Can you find you?

How to get ahead of your competitors in local search listings doesn’t have to remain a mystery. Don’t miss this event, where you’ll learn 5 of the most important factors that determine who ends up on top.

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Small Business Secret Weapon: Social Media

Is your business feeling a little anti-social?

Everyone knows how prevalent Facebook is, but have you been able to put it to use for your business or organization? Some of our clients are seeing over half of their website traffic come as a result of their Facebook presence. What are you missing out on?

From time to time, we host social media workshops that give a bird’s eye view of how to put social media to work for you (let us know if you’d be interested in coming to the next one). But if you’d like the one-on-one intensive evaluation of how social media can become your secret weapon, we can help brand your social media profiles, help you strategize your social media campaigns, or even help keep them up to date on a day-to-day basis.

Get in touch with us, and get social.

Getting (Mobile) Friendly

With mobile devices becoming the primary tool of online interaction and information gathering, it has become of great importance to have websites that provide quick and easy access to the information, regardless of what device you’re using.

Google knows this, of course, and in their endeavour to provide relevant content to anyone using their search engine, they have now begun penalizing websites that are not considered mobile-friendly by lowering them in the search rankings when a user is searching from their mobile device.

And so now you’re asking: “Is my website mobile-friendly?”

Google makes finding that answer incredibly easy. Enter your website address in the tool found at:

We’d love to help you build a website that is mobile friendly and appealing to users on all devices, and that ensures that Google is providing your website as high in the rankings as possible to those searching online.

Email Services by Google Cloud

For many businesses, email is the most important tool for everything from sales to invoicing, and it has to be reliable and available at a moment’s notice, every time. That’s why we at New Harvest are proud to be a Google Cloud Partner.

We will set you up with email services in what is the most powerful, reliable, and user-friendly email system available on the market today. We’ll get all your devices connected!

We’ll help you migrate all your email data from your old system so you have all your emails, old and new, right at your fingertips.

Contact us today for an estimate on moving your email services to Google Cloud and take advantage of the G Suite of tools.

The Power of Mobile Social

2015 is already whizzing by! And as we took our annual look at mobile browsing stats we discovered something amazing about how a powerful of social media presence can have huge impact on your website traffic!

But first, a quick recap of the last few years…

In the last 5 to 10 years, our society has gone from a land-line-phoning, desktop-browsing society to a smartphoning, mobile browsing, text-messaging, and “Facebook-ing” culture. As we look back in our web traffic statistics from years past, there’s clear evidence of this shift to constant handheld connectedness.

The big news, now, is that, for the first time, we’re seeing mobile traffic overtake that of desktop traffic on some websites. The chart below shows 3 of our highest traffic client websites.

Mobile Traffic as a Share of Total Traffic

* 2009 stats are from Oct-Dec when Google first started tracking mobile traffic apart from other traffic types.
** In mid November 2011, Google Analytics began tracking tablet traffic apart from regular mobile traffic . We’ve combined them again here to show the hand-held trends.

The Power of Social…


Photo: Flickr

One important thing to point out, is how social media can impact your web traffic. The client represented in blue above has earned several thousand likes on their Facebook page and, thanks to regularly sharing their website content links to their Facebook page, referrals from Facebook now constitutes over half of their overall traffic! …And furthermore, since 83% of Facebook usage is on mobile devices, the mobile traffic to their website has skyrocketed to 66% of all traffic.

It’s clear evidence of the power of a strong social media presence working together with a mobile friendly (responsive) website… and did I mention we can help your business with both?

Contact us to start a discussion on turning your social media presence into a traffic generator for your mobile friendly website!

Annual Mobile Browsing Stats

Over the last few years, we’ve been tracking the trends in mobile browsing in the Peace Country, based on the many websites we have developed for our clients.

2013 Review

Comparing year to year, 2013 saw mobile (including tablet) traffic represent 31% of total visits to some of our high traffic client sites. That’s up from 25% in 2012.

As we approach the halfway point of 2014, we’re already seeing that trend jump significantly again to over 37%.

Mobile Social

Facebook, in their April 23rd 2014 Q1 Report said they are now seeing that 609 million out of 802 million of their daily users are accessing it via mobile devices (76%).

Mobile-ify Your Website!

Is your website mobile friendly? Even large websites can be designed to cater to mobile users. Grab your phone and visit, or to see for yourself!

With smartphones becoming the business tool of choice for all types of businesses, from Ma and Pop shops to large oilfield companies employing hundreds, a mobile-friendly website is fundamental.