Humanizing the Holidays

Christmas Holiday Greeting CardThe year is coming to an end again, as we start to look forward and prepare ourselves for the approaching holiday season. At work, it’s often “business as usual” but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way. Make business a bit more festive this Christmas by sending your clients custom holiday greeting cards!

New Harvest Media can offer you high quality, full-colour custom greeting cards with competitive pricing.

Greeting cards don’t have to be boring, impersonal affairs. Not only does having custom cards made allow you to craft the perfect message for your business, it also showcases the effort that went into the card itself- you didn’t just go to the store and buy a few.

Custom Christmas cards are a great way to tell your clients that you appreciate their business and cherish the working relationship you have with them. Greeting cards, if used correctly, can help you to strengthen the rapport you have with all your clients.

Some optional ideas to kick things up a notch:

Handwritten notes: Personalizing your cards with some good old-fashioned handwriting to your cards makes them seem a lot more, well, personal. Definitely sign the cards with your name (and perhaps the names of your employees as well), but you could always go even further and write a little note to let your clients know how much you value your working relationship.

Deliver personally: While you can certainly pop a bunch of cards in the mail (we can order perfectly-sized envelopes too), hand-delivering cards to your clients shows a certain amount of forethought and concentrated effort on your part, not to sell them something but to simply stop by and wish them the best for the holiday season. Not everyone has the time for this, but if you do it can make a real impact.

Metallic foil printing: If you want cards that really have that “wow” factor, we can order full-colour printed cards with additional metallic foils. Available in a wide range of colours, these metallic foils are sure to help your cards make a lasting impression. Keep in mind- minimum order size for metallic foil printing is 500 cards.

Talk to us today about your custom holiday greeting cards!


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