Is Blogging Still Important?

A few years back, the hottest headlines in the tech world were about blogging. Famous people blogging, people getting famous by blogging, blogs creating huge media frenzies, etc.

So here we are today. Blogging isn’t in the news every day like it used to be. Are blogs still relevant in today’s Internet? Do they still matter in a world with Facebook and Twitter?

The answer is yes. And I’ll tell you why.

It’s not that blogging has fallen out of the news media because it is passé or because the world has moved on. Blogging has simply become a deeply ingrained part of our online culture. It’s not “news” anymore, but it’s still very, very important.

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are great, but they aren’t eclipsing the need for blogs. These sites are great for communicating and sharing bite-sized pieces of information with others. But where does that information come from in the first place? A lot of it comes from blogs. Blogs on every topic imaginable are out there, with bloggers churning out great stuff every day, for free.

So, blogging is important. But what are some of the benefits for the bloggers and business owners? Why should you want to start a blog, and what can you get out of it?

For one, you’re getting your message, and your business, out there. People probably aren’t going to post your sales page, or product page on their Facebook profile. But if you’re blogging about something relevant to your business, and relevant to their interest, you stand a much better chance of getting that link!

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are great, but they aren’t eclipsing the need for blogs.

Also, search engines love blog content. In the “mind” of a search engine, this is a site that is updated all the time. New articles are being added, new comments are being added, people are looking at it. Search engines rank sites that are current, active, and up-to-date better than sites that have been the same for years.

Once you’ve been blogging for a while, and people have been reading your content, you will begin to gain a bit of “expert status”. People will begin to trust your content. They’ll begin to trust you, and begin to trust your company. So blogging is also about building trust with your customers by offering them great information for free, simply to show them that you are a trustworthy individual who knows what you’re talking about.

Making your blog successful is difficult. It can take time to gain traction, and get readers. You won’t have tons of subscribers or people sharing your content overnight. All you can do is keep posting, and share your posts as much as you can (don’t spam, of course). Share your posts on your Facebook and Twitter profiles, and encourage your friends and followers to do the same. If the content is good, they may just do it! In the end, it comes down to trying to get your content in front of people who will be interested in it. That simple.

Another great way to get extra traffic to your blog is to guest post on other, more popular blogs. Try to find one that’s obviously related to your field. There’s no point guest posting about dog breeding on a site that is dedicated to camping. Pick some that make sense, and send some emails! It is wise to pick blogs that have varying degrees of popularity. Maybe you’ll never get a shot to post on a huge, top-rated blog, but maybe you will. It never hurts to try.

So to sum it all up, if you’re looking for new ways to breathe new life into your business and marketing efforts online, starting a blog is a great way to do that. It takes some effort (what doesn’t?) but it is well worth it in the long run.

Do you blog for your business? Are you curious about starting up a blog? Are there any nagging questions standing between you and the wide, wonderful world of blogging? Fire us a comment and let’s get the discussion rolling!

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