Mobile Browsing on the Rise in the Peace Country… Still!

It’s that time of year. Time to evaluate Peace Country web surfer trends!

% of total visits from Jan 2012 to Feb 2013

Following up on our mobile browsing blog post from last year, we’re still seeing a steep incline in the number of users that chose their mobile device over a desktop PC when browsing some of our higher-trafficked client websites.

In February of last year, mobile devices made up just short of 15% of all visits. This year, the number has jumped over 10 points to more than 25% of all visits!

More than a quarter of all visits are on mobile devices!

A quick breakdown reveals that 18% of all visits are from iPhones and iPads (up from 11% last year) while Android devices trail farther behind at around 5% (up from 2% the previous year). For those still browsing via a desktop computer, the use of Internet Explorer has been on the downturn as more and more users move towards Google’s Chrome web browser, a welcome trend for us web developers!

Having a useful mobile site has never been more important! Use your smartphone or tablet to check out the new mobile site for the City of Dawson Creek that we launched recently and let us know what you think!

Is your website mobile friendly? Contact us for a free evaluation and quote on building a new mobile version of your website!

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