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Due to a catastrophic fire on our block in downtown Dawson Creek, which destroyed the famed Alaska Hotel and the hair salon next door, we will be available by phone at 250-719-6419 for the foreseeable future. Our e-mail service and your web hosting services are not affected. It is for this reason that your web sites are hosted in a secure off-site facility that provides much better security and reliability than a regular office could ever guarantee.

Other than contacting us at a different phone number, we will be at your service as usual on Monday morning.

Thanks to the remarkable work of the Dawson Creek Fire Department, our building appears to have suffered relatively minor damage, despite it being only a few feet from a 3-storey inferno.

The fire department arrived at about 5 p.m., at which point we evacuated our building with the very few pieces equipment that will allow us to be back in business Monday, without missing a beat. The building has, however, suffered some smoke and water damage that will require us to temporarily relocate our operations.

However, even if our building had been lost with all of our equipment and data inside, be assured that our automatic off-site, online backup regimen ensures that our service to you will always survive such an event. (If our offices were ever destroyed, it would cause us some rushed shopping, and would have led to a busy Monday morning of restoring our systems from backed up data.)

Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries or deaths as a result of the fire, though a number of residents of the Hotel have lost belongings and will be looking for new accommodation in an expensive rental market, and employees of both establishments are facing real uncertainty.

Again, don’t hesitate to call us at 250-719-6419, and we’ll be at your service as usual, bright and early, Monday morning.

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