The New Harvest Website Design Philosophy

Form: Large feature photos in a dynamic slideshow adds visual appeal and interactivity. From

Design exists at the intersection of form and function—not only “how it looks” but also “how it works”. At New Harvest Media Inc., we pride ourselves on consistently combining form and function at the highest levels. We develop websites that bring together strong visual appeal, solid structure and thoughtful User Experience design.

Incorporating both form and function is crucial. The most beautiful website without proper information organization and functionality will not be successful. The content and structure provides the foundation of every website. Truly powerful sites combine well structured information with an appealing visual design that enhances content, attracts users, and improves user experiences.

Function: “I Want To…” menu gives quick access to most important functions and information. From

Our methodology is to consider content structure and design separately, before blending these two aspects into a single, cohesive whole. This allows us to focus completely on each piece, giving each the consideration it deserves, while keeping in mind how these aspects will work together.

We create designs that exist to enhance content and structure. By paying close attention to the details, we ensure our websites are easy to use. We believe in design that makes sure users get the most important information first. We believe in design that makes information easier to read and understand. We believe in design that is consistent, so users know what to expect and are never confused.

We believe in building websites that are useful, usable, and beautiful.

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About Karyl Gilbertson

Karyl is New Harvest Media's Creative Director. He is passionate about design, and pretty stoked about things like web standards, usability, and Wordpress too.