Putting Clients on the Map(s)

Among our recent launches have been several data-base driven interactive maps that our clients have been busy editing and updating themselves on a nearly daily basis!

BC Agroforestry AtlasThe BC Agroforestry Atlas is a powerful database-driven map, that displays dozens of featured activities, demonstrations, and projects in across British Columbia. This map’s features include:

  • Complex attribute filters for showing/hiding any grouping of points.
  • Fully custom icons
  • Regional “zoom to” interface
  • Powered completely by WordPress making it very easy for the client to maintain the map (and their website) with a single login.

Still At Your Service

Due to a catastrophic fire on our block in downtown Dawson Creek, which destroyed the famed Alaska Hotel and the hair salon next door, we will be available by phone at 250-719-6419 for the foreseeable future. Our e-mail service and your web hosting services are not affected. It is for this reason that your web sites are hosted in a secure off-site facility that provides much better security and reliability than a regular office could ever guarantee.

Other than contacting us at a different phone number, we will be at your service as usual on Monday morning.

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The New Harvest Website Design Philosophy

Form: Large feature photos in a dynamic slideshow adds visual appeal and interactivity. From DawsonCreek.ca

Design exists at the intersection of form and function—not only “how it looks” but also “how it works”. At New Harvest Media Inc., we pride ourselves on consistently combining form and function at the highest levels. We develop websites that bring together strong visual appeal, solid structure and thoughtful User Experience design.

Incorporating both form and function is crucial. The most beautiful website without proper information organization and functionality will not be successful. The content and structure provides the foundation of every website. Truly powerful sites combine well structured information with an appealing visual design that enhances content, attracts users, and improves user experiences.

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Mobile Browsing on the Rise in the Peace Country

The world is changing. With new mobile devices being released everyday, millions more users worldwide are accessing their favourite news, sports, social media and information sites on the go with smartphones or tablets. ComScore has stated that midway through 2011, smartphones and tablets made up almost 5% of total digital traffic in Europe and 7% in the US.

Mobile visits as percentage of total visits in Nov-Dec

On one of our higher traffic Peace Country client web sites, we’re seeing rapid growth in mobile device browsing. Figures from the first half of 2011 showed an average of 4% of browsing was via mobile devices. The second half of 2011 showed mobile browsing more than double to an average of over 9% of all browsing. Furthermore, mobile browsing contributed less than 1% of total visits in 2009, 4.5% in 2010, and over 12% in 2011 over the same time period each year.

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5 Social Media Tips for Municipal Governments

Social media is still one of the hottest topics on the Internet. Organizations big and small are leveraging the power of these popular social networks to connect with their customers and constituents, fostering communication and involvement.

There is a huge opportunity for municipal governments in social media, and making use of these online networks is definitely something we recommend. However, there are some potential pitfalls associated with interacting with your constituents in such a direct manner. Here, we’ve outlined five tips that will help you make the most of your social networking and avoid the common mistakes.

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