The Power of Mobile Social

2015 is already whizzing by! And as we took our annual look at mobile browsing stats we discovered something amazing about how a powerful of social media presence can have huge impact on your website traffic!

But first, a quick recap of the last few years…

In the last 5 to 10 years, our society has gone from a land-line-phoning, desktop-browsing society to a smartphoning, mobile browsing, text-messaging, and “Facebook-ing” culture. As we look back in our web traffic statistics from years past, there’s clear evidence of this shift to constant handheld connectedness.

The big news, now, is that, for the first time, we’re seeing mobile traffic overtake that of desktop traffic on some websites. The chart below shows 3 of our highest traffic client websites.

Mobile Traffic as a Share of Total Traffic

* 2009 stats are from Oct-Dec when Google first started tracking mobile traffic apart from other traffic types.
** In mid November 2011, Google Analytics began tracking tablet traffic apart from regular mobile traffic . We’ve combined them again here to show the hand-held trends.

The Power of Social…


Photo: Flickr

One important thing to point out, is how social media can impact your web traffic. The client represented in blue above has earned several thousand likes on their Facebook page and, thanks to regularly sharing their website content links to their Facebook page, referrals from Facebook now constitutes over half of their overall traffic! …And furthermore, since 83% of Facebook usage is on mobile devices, the mobile traffic to their website has skyrocketed to 66% of all traffic.

It’s clear evidence of the power of a strong social media presence working together with a mobile friendly (responsive) website… and did I mention we can help your business with both?

Contact us to start a discussion on turning your social media presence into a traffic generator for your mobile friendly website!

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